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3 Reasons Why Painting Your Home In Winter is No Problem

Imagine an Instance: 

You’ve recently noticed two things – the temperature is cooling, and your house seems to have external cracks. Now, you might have enjoyed the summers, doing beach rendezvous, enjoying barbecue parties and other activities that you’ve completely forgotten to care for your home’s exterior.

Next season, you’re about to get married, and it’ll look a mess if you’re home not painted properly. However, contrary to popular assumptions, in truth, you can hire professional painters to paint your home in winters.

In fact, this blog will break the stereotype and show you exactly why it’s okay for you to paint your home this winter season.painters in toronto

  1. Winter grade Paints

As per popular belief, the cold winter weather plays havoc on paint and hence, painting a home’s exterior in winter leads to poor quality paint retention. However, all this stood true in the olden times. Today, if you hire professional painters who are skilled at what they do, then the problem of winter painting doesn’t arise.

Furthermore, most reputed paint contractors opt for using Wintergrade paints these days. Winter grade paint, unlike normal paint, can cure at temperatures as low as 2°C. Thus, it’ll not end up with a crack on the paint film which using normal paint will.

Thus, if you find a contractor that offers Wintergrade paint then you’ve nothing to worry about, as the paint you use won’t break or be of bad quality.

  1. Winter Days are Dry

In most parts of the world, winter days are dry and don’t fall below 10°C. Hence, if you pick a reputed company with professional painters, these people will utilize long-range forecasts like Predict Weather, to find the driest day to paint your home.

In this way, combined with Wintergrade paints, the quality of your home paint won’t be hampered while your home will dry off sooner.

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  1. Winter Paints aren’t Expensive

Another condition that is worrisome for most people is the cost of painting a home in winter. However, as per the statements by professional painters, painting home after morning dew and ending before afternoon, allows a home to dry faster. Additionally, without the external conditions messing up the paint, the cost of home painting reduces considerably.

Moving on, now that the stereotypes have been debunked, here are few tips to keep in mind during winter painting.professional painters

  • Usable Paint

If you’re considering using latex paints that have undergone several winters, first check to see if these are lumpy. In case, they are the paint is no longer fit to be used and must be discarded.

  • Use Thicker Tools

Just like Wintergrade and latex paints are ideal for colder temperatures, the correct tools are also essential. So, ensure that you hire professional painters that use the correct tools of the trade.  Thicker rollers and brushes are ideal to handle thick paint and are most effective in making paint last.

So, now that you know all about winter painting, work to finding the correct paint contractor to finish off your home before your wedding. Good Luck!