How Much Would Installing a Tilt and Turn window Cost?

Are you a homeowner in Canada, considering installing that popular tilt and turn windows and doors? Well, that’s a wise decision! These doors and windows are ideal for providing insulation against the biting cold winters.

However, for a first-timer, you might be unaware of what these windows might approximately cost. While the generic price range normally varies between $450-$700 dollars.

Few factors are involved in determining the pricing of these windows. To understand better it’s best to have a clearer insight on what tilt and turn windows and doors are!tilt and turn windows and doors

Tilt and Turn Windows:

  1. Definition

Based on a hinge mechanism, tilt and turn windows specialize in opening both inwards and outwards. Becoming increasingly popular among modern homeowners these windows are ideal as they offer exceptional security features along with waterproofing option. As a result, these windows also offer good insulation, so are ideal for colder climates like that of Canada.

  1. How do they work?

Tilt and turn windows and doors, have a special feature. They can be opened out like casement windows, or a person can tilt the window from the bottom, to ensure that its top is angled inwardly into a room.

This inward angling helps in adding security and helps reduce room for ventilation, thus keeping the cold out. So, if you wish to angle the window inward, turn 180 degrees to keep the aperture at the top open. To open the window outward, turn 90 degrees to get a full casement window look.

Now, that you’ve established what these are, it’s time to consider the factors involved, in determining the pricing of tilt and turn windows.

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  1. Types

Tilt and turn windows and doors mainly are available in two types:

  • Aluminum Frames

The cost of aluminum frames is considerably higher and might range around $500 and above. However, aluminum provides better durability and is also low maintenance. Hence, in the long run, aluminum is an investment as it’ll save money.

  • uPVC Frames

uPVC is normally cheaper than aluminum and is a mixture of wood, aluminum, and composite. Good quality uPVC generally incline towards a higher price range. However, if you’re opting for the cheaper ones, they might rust and discolor. The plus point is even these uPVC frames do not require high maintenance costs.

  1. Materials Used

Other options that determine the cost of these tilt doors and windows are materials involved.

Most common materials used for the frames are fiberglass or polyvinyl chloride. Now, these are generally under the regular price range and depending on the quality, each window will be priced.

Apart from that, your tilt doors and windows will incur extra cost depending on your window glass and its coating. If you need more insulation, you might go for gas-filled window glass that is generally priced at $15.

You might also go for the low-e coatings to promote energy consumption. This will undoubtedly help reduce your energy bills.

  1. Size

The size of your tilt and turn windows and doors also determines to cost. For example, a window sized at 800 x 800mm will cost around $450 – $500. One sized 1000 x 1000 mm will incur a price range of $550-$600, and one of 1200 x 1200 will have a price range within $650-$700 dollars.

So now that you have a fair idea on what the costing might come up to, find the right company for your home today!