We love food, and we buy it fresh from the local butcher, fishmonger, baker and produce stands every single day. Our menu is unique on the Shore, offering a wide selection of market-fresh tapas and share plates, plus a few a la carte entrees for those wanting a full meal experience. Because of seasonality, our menu changes almost daily. There are a few items that we’ve decided to keep on the menu for a while just because we really like them, like Jesse’s marinated grilled wings and fresh chuck burger with fennel, sundried tomatoes and made-to-order potato chips.

There’s a lot of other stuff we love, like high fiving, hosting parties, great music, friendly faces, hand-crafted cocktails and our ridiculously awesomeamazingfunlovingrockstarstatus staff, but that’s more fun for you to experience firsthand than read about.

Come on down and check out the place. We’ve got the only smoking patio in town, complete with fireplace, couches and outisde bar… PLUS we stay open hours later than any other establishment on the Shore (open until 3am on weekends)!

Hope to see you soon. We’re looking forward to meeting you.