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5 Basement Renovation Ideas to Finish an Avant-Garde Cellar

Are you a resident of Newmarket contemplating to finish up your unfinished basement? Well, that’s great news, remodeling a basement might cost you a few dollars, but the ROI awarded is up to 70%. Besides, the average basement renovations in Newmarket cost up a lot.

Yet, don’t be intimidated by the cost; in fact, a remodeled basement isn’t just for the purpose of entertaining guests. On the contrary, a finished cellar means increasing your home’s retail value by a lot.

basement reno newmarket

However, if you’re a novice at basement renovations then chances are you need at the available help. Thankfully, this blog has all the answers.

Check out these 5 Ideas to Creative Basement Renovations

  1. Double Living Rooms

Often homes have one strict living room that is for interaction purposes and other use. However, having a single living room when you have kids can be a chore. Most of the time if you’ve guests or business personals visiting you, for discussions, you are likely using the living room.

As a result, you’re asking children to move away, while working to clear clutter and other stuff. Thus, why not break stereotypes and request your basement renovations in Newmarket for a second living room. You can utilize this room solely for formal meetings and leave your family living room for more homely use.

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  1. Kids Bedroom

Have triplets or twins? Then another good option is to turn your basement into a kid’s bedroom. You can ask your basement renovations in Newmarket to create built-in shelves and design your cellar to reflex comfort and privacy.

Further, you can install bunk beds to utilize space best and give your children a safe place to play and reside.

  1. Turn it into a Gym

If you’re a fitness freak, chances are you’ve thought of investing in a home gym for a while. Then the best option is to turn your basement into a gym. You can either use it for personal use or can invite people to work out and turn into a gym instructor.

This will not only help you maintain a side or full-time business, but you can use your passion for working out to earn good cash.

  1. Home Theater

If your wife isn’t fond of loud noises then you probably cannot install a boom box in the living room right? However, when it comes to your basement, it can be easily feasible. After all, you can request your basement renovations in Newmarket to make your basement soundproof.

In this way, you can fulfill your dream of installing a home theater. Furthermore, basements are normally devoid of windows, so installing a home theater is ideal due to the dark ambiance offered.

basement reno newmarket

  1. Wine House

If you’ve money on your hands and the hobby of collecting wines, then one of the best things to do with an unfinished basement is turning it into a wine cellar. You can store and flaunt your authentic liquor collection, in a personalized wine cellar.

So, with so many ideas at hand, hurry and decide what to make of your renovated basement. Most importantly, contact the best basement renovations in Newmarket to help implement your cellar plans into reality. Good luck!


3 Reasons Why Painting Your Home In Winter is No Problem

Imagine an Instance: 

You’ve recently noticed two things – the temperature is cooling, and your house seems to have external cracks. Now, you might have enjoyed the summers, doing beach rendezvous, enjoying barbecue parties and other activities that you’ve completely forgotten to care for your home’s exterior.

Next season, you’re about to get married, and it’ll look a mess if you’re home not painted properly. However, contrary to popular assumptions, in truth, you can hire professional painters to paint your home in winters.

In fact, this blog will break the stereotype and show you exactly why it’s okay for you to paint your home this winter season.painters in toronto

  1. Winter grade Paints

As per popular belief, the cold winter weather plays havoc on paint and hence, painting a home’s exterior in winter leads to poor quality paint retention. However, all this stood true in the olden times. Today, if you hire professional painters who are skilled at what they do, then the problem of winter painting doesn’t arise.

Furthermore, most reputed paint contractors opt for using Wintergrade paints these days. Winter grade paint, unlike normal paint, can cure at temperatures as low as 2°C. Thus, it’ll not end up with a crack on the paint film which using normal paint will.

Thus, if you find a contractor that offers Wintergrade paint then you’ve nothing to worry about, as the paint you use won’t break or be of bad quality.

  1. Winter Days are Dry

In most parts of the world, winter days are dry and don’t fall below 10°C. Hence, if you pick a reputed company with professional painters, these people will utilize long-range forecasts like Predict Weather, to find the driest day to paint your home.

In this way, combined with Wintergrade paints, the quality of your home paint won’t be hampered while your home will dry off sooner.

toronto painters

  1. Winter Paints aren’t Expensive

Another condition that is worrisome for most people is the cost of painting a home in winter. However, as per the statements by professional painters, painting home after morning dew and ending before afternoon, allows a home to dry faster. Additionally, without the external conditions messing up the paint, the cost of home painting reduces considerably.

Moving on, now that the stereotypes have been debunked, here are few tips to keep in mind during winter painting.professional painters

  • Usable Paint

If you’re considering using latex paints that have undergone several winters, first check to see if these are lumpy. In case, they are the paint is no longer fit to be used and must be discarded.

  • Use Thicker Tools

Just like Wintergrade and latex paints are ideal for colder temperatures, the correct tools are also essential. So, ensure that you hire professional painters that use the correct tools of the trade.  Thicker rollers and brushes are ideal to handle thick paint and are most effective in making paint last.

So, now that you know all about winter painting, work to finding the correct paint contractor to finish off your home before your wedding. Good Luck!


Unveiling the 4 Tips to Design Your Perfect Bathroom

Are you thinking to sell your home a few years down the line? Well, great choice, real estate can get you a lot of money, if it’s done properly. But, did you know, a poor basement or unaesthetic washroom might affect the price of your home?bathroom renovation toronto

This is why it is very essential to opt for a bathroom renovation Toronto. After all, the millennial era consists of hardworking professionals that crave comfortable washrooms to unwind into. As per psychology, unwinding and washing up in an aesthetic washroom boosts serotonin, and releases stress. Additionally, a cleaner bathroom signifies a neat and tidy home, thus boosting its retail value.

Now, if you’re new to washroom remodeling, it might seem daunting. However, it’s not that big of a deal.

  1. Analyze Needs

For your bathroom renovation Toronto project, the first step is about understanding the needs for your washroom. Are you looking for a haven to relax and unwind, or do you prefer a brisk simple washroom?

Both these types require different sort of fittings, space, attachments, fixtures etc. For example, if you wish to turn your washroom into a safe haven, it’ll need more than two basins, a bathtub, a few fixtures, a shower room etc.

toronto bathroom renovations

  1. Decide on the Layout

Most bathroom renovation Toronto companies advise not changing the layout of the washroom. So, first, check and see if the already existing layout for your washroom works for you. If it does, the make your new washroom by replacing tiles, fittings, repainting and designing.

However, for your ideal bathroom, if the present layout isn’t befitting your choices then make the necessary minute changes. Although, make sure you have the required budget as completely altering layout would equal to added expenses.

  1. Check Out Ideas

One of the best ways to create a coveted bathroom is to get an insight. Check online blogs, or ask your bathroom renovation Toronto company to provide you with design styles. You can opt for a classic, boutique, period or the contemporary styles when it comes to your bathroom remodel project.

Additionally, you can check out magazines as these provide excellent insight on how to utilize space and turn it into something unique.

  1. Be Realistic

If you have a budget then its okay to dream big, however, if you’re wishing to opt for a bathroom remodel in your existing space, it’s time to be realistic. You can’t pine after statement showers, sinks or double ended roll tops, or ginormous bathtubs if they won’t fit.

bathroom renovations

If you have a smaller area, its best to utilize what you got and change it into something better. Don’t cram in fixtures and fittings, and instead ask your renovation company on ideas to make the best use of your space.

So, always consider making your bathroom well ventilated to help it look fresh and invigorating. Follow these above tips for best results and lastly ensure that you pick a reputed company to carry out your bathroom remodeling. Good luck! Read here for more info!



Understanding Condo Association Related Problems

Availing small condos does not mean that you could avoid association related problems. Instead, the small condo associations face more problems than the larger condominium associations. Smart work, however, can make you avoid a lot of unnecessary problems. To help the homeowners like you, the members of XO Condominiums has jotted 5 simple factors down. After going through these key factors, you will understand what your responsibility as a dues-paying the member of the association is.  You will also understand what your basic rights are as a member of the association.toronto-xo-condo

Read and Understand the Governing Documents

The governing documents should be given to you at the time of purchase. Some of the association might lag in their responsibilities. In such cases, obtain the copies of the documents from your real estate agents. You can also call the members of the association and ask them for a copy. There is a copy of the regulations kept at the county recorder’s website or office. You can collect the copy from there. Ask the experienced members of XO Condominiums if you face any problems regarding this issue.

Understand That You Own an HOA Property

The condos are not your home. When you bought the condo, you gave up certain freedom. Being an owner of the condo you automatically have become the member of their small association. It does not matter whether you read the rules of the association properly; you have to abide by the rules.

Maintain the Property

It is the most important point which you need to keep in mind. Try to maintain the landscaping and don’t leave the garbage bins in such places from where the neighbors can see it. Clean the oil stains and don’t leave your items out of the condo. There are many small rules that you should know. Contact the members of XO Condominiums for some sound advice.xo condos

Pay Your Fees On Time

Every association has a scheduled payment date. Find out the payment date of your association. Don’t miss any payments even if the association has failed to fulfil their obligations. There will be times when you will not like the decisions made by other board members. Try not to hold a grudge and make payment in due time. The obligation to the payment is bound by rules and cannot be waived. Try to solve all the problems with your association members amicably and seek the counsel of the members of XO Condominiums if necessary.

Know when to Seek Help

It might be possible that the board of your small condo association is abusive nature. Take good time and consider if the board is being unfair only to you. Check whether the board is acting within the law or is it abusing your basic rights. If there is any confusion, get in touch with the professionals of XO Condominiums. They can guide you in the right direction.

Lastly, it is important for all owners to understand their roles in the community. The conflicts occur only when people do not understand the boundary in which they should work. The common interest should be to live in a happy, safe and vibrant community. Try to make an effort to achieve that goal.


Tips to Optimize the Kitchen Corner Cabinet to the Core

68% of the population is a victim of a kitchen that is hardly functional. Substandard construction and poor interior designs attribute to a not-so-functional kitchen. One such plague is corner cabinet. Also known as the dead corner, this particular zone is frustrating for many homeowners.

With little or no use, the corner cabinet plays the role of a jumbo hollow. However, unlike upgrading the entire kitchen, people nowadays opt custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener to optimize the corner storage.

So, if you are already on the acme of irritation due to the corner storage, here come some ingenious tricks to spruce up the space with maximum utility.

However, before going into the hacks, it’s time to understand corner storage and its anatomy for better utilization.

custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener .


According to the experts of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener, the corner storage is typically of two types:

  • Base Corner:

As the name suggests, the cabinet of this sort has a cornered edge. It remains positioned at a 90-degree angle with bi-folding doors.

  • Blind Corner:

This is another common type of corner cabinet with one or two doors with deeper space behind the main body. Due to its unique arrangement, it has got the name blind corner.

So, how to optimize the same? Read on:

  1. Try Extra Shelves

This is one of the simplest yet effective solutions you can go for. All you need to do is that add a few extra shelves to the corner cabinet to make the maximum use. If you are going low on your budget, extra shelves seem to be the most affordable option.

  • Lazy Susan Makes a Good Choice

Lazy Susan is one of the most loved items amongst the homeowners. The quirky looking shelves can be the perfect fit for your cabinet. In fact, shelves of this type can particularly fit in in every type of cabinet storage. You can get such shelves from any standard store of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener. 

custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener

  • Go for Corner Drawers

If you are seeking nothing but the best, look no further, buy corner drawers. These drawers are ergonomically designed to increase the functionality of the cabinet storage. However, they are a bit expensive than the types mentioned above. So, find a seller of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener who sells such items at a competitive price.

  • What about Wire Tray Dividers

Another effective way to spruce up the corner cabinet is by purchasing simple yet functional wire tray dividers. Easy to clean and maintain, these trays are suitable to store taller accessories like chopping board, cookie sheets, spatula etc.

  • Also Consider Super Susan

Also named as Super Susan, this kind of shelf is cleverly designed to fit inside the cabinet seamlessly. Precisely, it unique design simply omits the existing shaft that remains in the middle.

Final Thoughts

Consider all these designs and types to make your non-functional corner cabinet serviceable. Visit your nearest store of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener for an easy life inside the kitchen. For more information about kitchen cabinets read here!


How Much Would Installing a Tilt and Turn window Cost?

Are you a homeowner in Canada, considering installing that popular tilt and turn windows and doors? Well, that’s a wise decision! These doors and windows are ideal for providing insulation against the biting cold winters.

However, for a first-timer, you might be unaware of what these windows might approximately cost. While the generic price range normally varies between $450-$700 dollars.

Few factors are involved in determining the pricing of these windows. To understand better it’s best to have a clearer insight on what tilt and turn windows and doors are!tilt and turn windows and doors

Tilt and Turn Windows:

  1. Definition

Based on a hinge mechanism, tilt and turn windows specialize in opening both inwards and outwards. Becoming increasingly popular among modern homeowners these windows are ideal as they offer exceptional security features along with waterproofing option. As a result, these windows also offer good insulation, so are ideal for colder climates like that of Canada.

  1. How do they work?

Tilt and turn windows and doors, have a special feature. They can be opened out like casement windows, or a person can tilt the window from the bottom, to ensure that its top is angled inwardly into a room.

This inward angling helps in adding security and helps reduce room for ventilation, thus keeping the cold out. So, if you wish to angle the window inward, turn 180 degrees to keep the aperture at the top open. To open the window outward, turn 90 degrees to get a full casement window look.

Now, that you’ve established what these are, it’s time to consider the factors involved, in determining the pricing of tilt and turn windows.

tilt and turn windows and doors toronto

  1. Types

Tilt and turn windows and doors mainly are available in two types:

  • Aluminum Frames

The cost of aluminum frames is considerably higher and might range around $500 and above. However, aluminum provides better durability and is also low maintenance. Hence, in the long run, aluminum is an investment as it’ll save money.

  • uPVC Frames

uPVC is normally cheaper than aluminum and is a mixture of wood, aluminum, and composite. Good quality uPVC generally incline towards a higher price range. However, if you’re opting for the cheaper ones, they might rust and discolor. The plus point is even these uPVC frames do not require high maintenance costs.

  1. Materials Used

Other options that determine the cost of these tilt doors and windows are materials involved.

Most common materials used for the frames are fiberglass or polyvinyl chloride. Now, these are generally under the regular price range and depending on the quality, each window will be priced.

Apart from that, your tilt doors and windows will incur extra cost depending on your window glass and its coating. If you need more insulation, you might go for gas-filled window glass that is generally priced at $15.

You might also go for the low-e coatings to promote energy consumption. This will undoubtedly help reduce your energy bills.

  1. Size

The size of your tilt and turn windows and doors also determines to cost. For example, a window sized at 800 x 800mm will cost around $450 – $500. One sized 1000 x 1000 mm will incur a price range of $550-$600, and one of 1200 x 1200 will have a price range within $650-$700 dollars.

So now that you have a fair idea on what the costing might come up to, find the right company for your home today!