Tips to Optimize the Kitchen Corner Cabinet to the Core

68% of the population is a victim of a kitchen that is hardly functional. Substandard construction and poor interior designs attribute to a not-so-functional kitchen. One such plague is corner cabinet. Also known as the dead corner, this particular zone is frustrating for many homeowners.

With little or no use, the corner cabinet plays the role of a jumbo hollow. However, unlike upgrading the entire kitchen, people nowadays opt custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener to optimize the corner storage.

So, if you are already on the acme of irritation due to the corner storage, here come some ingenious tricks to spruce up the space with maximum utility.

However, before going into the hacks, it’s time to understand corner storage and its anatomy for better utilization.

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According to the experts of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener, the corner storage is typically of two types:

  • Base Corner:

As the name suggests, the cabinet of this sort has a cornered edge. It remains positioned at a 90-degree angle with bi-folding doors.

  • Blind Corner:

This is another common type of corner cabinet with one or two doors with deeper space behind the main body. Due to its unique arrangement, it has got the name blind corner.

So, how to optimize the same? Read on:

  1. Try Extra Shelves

This is one of the simplest yet effective solutions you can go for. All you need to do is that add a few extra shelves to the corner cabinet to make the maximum use. If you are going low on your budget, extra shelves seem to be the most affordable option.

  • Lazy Susan Makes a Good Choice

Lazy Susan is one of the most loved items amongst the homeowners. The quirky looking shelves can be the perfect fit for your cabinet. In fact, shelves of this type can particularly fit in in every type of cabinet storage. You can get such shelves from any standard store of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener. 

custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener

  • Go for Corner Drawers

If you are seeking nothing but the best, look no further, buy corner drawers. These drawers are ergonomically designed to increase the functionality of the cabinet storage. However, they are a bit expensive than the types mentioned above. So, find a seller of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener who sells such items at a competitive price.

  • What about Wire Tray Dividers

Another effective way to spruce up the corner cabinet is by purchasing simple yet functional wire tray dividers. Easy to clean and maintain, these trays are suitable to store taller accessories like chopping board, cookie sheets, spatula etc.

  • Also Consider Super Susan

Also named as Super Susan, this kind of shelf is cleverly designed to fit inside the cabinet seamlessly. Precisely, it unique design simply omits the existing shaft that remains in the middle.

Final Thoughts

Consider all these designs and types to make your non-functional corner cabinet serviceable. Visit your nearest store of custom kitchen cabinets in Kitchener for an easy life inside the kitchen. For more information about kitchen cabinets read here!